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When Seagulls Cry : S1 E2 - First Move

After dinner is over, Maria reads a letter she says she received from Beatrice earlier. The contents stipulate that Beatrice will take everything the Ushiromiya family owns if no one can solve the witch's cryptic epitaph. While Kinzo's sons and daughters try to ask him what this is about, they are not able to enter his study. The rest of the night has the adults staying up still discussing the family inheritance while the children retreat to the guesthouse. That night, George gives Shannon an engagement ring, and asks her to give her reply the next day. The following morning, six people have gone missing, and Natsuhi is informed of a strange symbol drawn on the outdoor tool shed. When she goes to investigate with Kanon and Genji, they find the missing six people brutally murdered inside. After Genji goes to fetch Dr. Nanjo to inspect the bodies, Battler, Jessica and George follow and see the horrific scene themselves. Among the dead are Krauss, Rudolf, Kyrie, Rosa, Gohda, and Shannon.

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