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When Seagulls Cry : S1 E8 - Week Square

Rosa's siblings and their spouses go missing, while the remaining guests find the chapel door locked. Finding the chapel key inside the envelope Beatrice gave Maria, everyone enters and find the missing people murdered inside, along with some of Kinzo's hidden gold. After separating from the others, Jessica and Kanon are ambushed by Beatrice, who summons her legion of goat servants against them. Kanon fights off the goats until Beatrice summons two Stakes of Purgatory, Asmodeus and Satan, who kill Jessica and Kanon. In Purgatory, Battler and Beatrice suspend their game to determine how the first six people could have been murdered inside a locked room. Battler begins forming several theories, but Beatrice counters most of them, using red text to speak the truth. However, Battler manages to catch Beatrice off guard by theorizing that the culprit could have taken the key from the envelope, locked the dead bodies in the room, and put the key back where it was. Beatrice congratulates Battler, but remains confident he will submit.

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